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Stage 8: The Exit

At the end of the investment term, typically between five to seven years, TIG can exercise the right to exit under predetermined terms as set forth below:

On exit, shares to be valued at the greater of:

(A) Net Assets ÷Total Number of Shares

(B) Five (5) Years Discounted Future Profits ÷Total number of Shares

The Investees will be required to “buy back” their shares from the investor, unless mutually agreed otherwise.

Should TIG remain, beyond the initial equity term it reserves the right to exit at any time upon terms agreed.

Redemption options will be outlined in the funding agreement.

Time taken for Investment Process

The time taken to progress an enquiry from stage 3 to stage 7 will vary from investment to investment but in our experience it will typically take 1-3 months. This timeline is largely dependent on the availability and accuracy of information. You can help minimize the time taken by making the information we need available in a timely and accurate manner.

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